Tizza Covi and Rainer FrimmelBorn in Bolzano in 1971, Tizza Covi lived in Paris and Berlin before studying photography in Vienna. After finishing her studies she went to Rome where she worked as a photographer.

Rainer Frimmel, born in Vienna in 1971, also studied photography.

In 2002 Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel founded their film production company Vento Film to be able to produce their films independently. 

La Pivellina is their first fiction feature film.

The documentary approach is what interests us the most in terms of filmmaking. What reality gives you just can’t be reenacted. 
Interview with Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel ...
Interview mit Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel ...
Interview mit Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel ...
Intervista con Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel ...


Babooska / 2005 / 100 min / documentary

Awards (selection):
Wolfgang-Staudte-Award (Berlinale)
Prix international de la Scam (Cinèma du rèel, Paris)
Best Austrian Documentary of 2005/06 (Diagonale Graz)
Best Italian Documentary (Festival dei Popoli, Florence)

Das ist alles (That’s all) / 2001 / 98 min / documentary
Prix Regards Neufs (Visions du rèel, Nyon)